Sunday, February 22, 2009

booo~ bekkk~ ongkedek kedek~ :D

haha . sumthg wrg with the title ? :D okay okay, actually today i have a reunion of explorace teams . tk sume team yg join . yg join hanyela, katak , kambing and lembu . we gather at shah alam megalanes around 12pm onwards . tk rmai pun yg maen, rmai yg dtg gelak saje . haha . but, we do enjoy the day . here some pics that been taken by me, syarif and sham .

after the games are finished, the 19's students go for Zuhur's prayer while the 24's students seperate from each other. then, we meet back and have lunch at kfc . *i only have a slice of choc chip cake je taw . :D

on the evening, we go to an autoshow. bapak best gile keta2 dieeeeeeeeee ! there are some fabuloussuperbmarvelloussportscars such as lamboghinis, ferraris, porsches , mercedes etc . mmg best sgtsgtsgt plus my addiction to such cars, i just like, WOW! best gileeeeeee ! :D *eventho tkdpat beli, naek pun jdla . but pity us cz there's no camera is allowed . hukhuk . sokay, unforgetable experience . cewahh ! :D

~the end~
dee (:

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  1. best nye...rugila x gi..kalo x mesti dah dapat experience mcm tu..saye kumpulan monyet..hehe..adam dh ajak pergi tapi x de kawan nk g..tula,malas nk g..RUGINYE...