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An epic saga

‘It’s La Push baby,La Push’

A real Twihard knows what meant by the picture above


The saga just ended epically amazing last week and even though the storyline was wayyy too far from the original but hey, a few modifications and creative ideas are needed to make the saga superb and marvelous .

Okay, macam semua orang tau, saga ni ada 4 series and 5 movies in whole . ( Breaking Dawn was separated into two sequels : novelnya pun memang sangat tebal OMG ) . I have read the complete saga and watched the movie series . Never miss out even once :)

Now nak cerita pasal pengalaman macam mana boleh fell real deep into this saga haha and the stories happened based on my true account nak tengok Twilight movies ni .

Twilight .

It was happening in one fine evening . Back in year 2009 . Masa tu tengah mengemas rumah . Sekali tu, kemas la CD and DVD rack kat almari TV . Tiba-tiba (tak menahan ayat tiba tiba) ternampak DVD Twilight . Masa tu macam ‘Eh, cerita apeni, tak tengok lagi ni’ Masa tu memang member semua ada kecoh pasal Twilight but buat tak heran je . Tiba tiba DVD Twilight ada kat depan mata, dalam tangan . Rezeki Twilight sebab dapat tarik seorang lagi peminat kahkah . Masa tu tertarik dengan DVD cover tu sebab Edward handsome, tak kisah pun pasal Bella tu haha . Lepas siap mengemas, terus siap pasang movie tu. Ha lepastu …terlahirlah seorang lagi Twihard . Lol

New Moon .

Cerita New Moon dah diceritakan dalam blog post dulu dulu . So baca kat situ jela ye. (Maaf atas tulisan dan bahasa yang sangat kebudak-budakkan, maklumlah masa tu baru form 4 hehe)Marry me,Bella


Sebenarnya Eclipse dah tengok A WEEK awal daripada Malaysia’s movie releasing date . Haha punya lah tak sabar . Via online leww, cari punya cari, last last jumpa teehee. Lepastu tengok lagi for the second time dengan adik adik lepastu pergi cerita kat diorang , bengang level +999 diorang jadinya hahaha .

Breaking Dawn (part 1)

Pun dah diceritakan dalam blog post yang dulu . So, bacalah sendiri, maleh nak tulis lagi muehehe . All About Time

Breaking Dawn ( part 2)

AKHIRNYA TENGOK DENGAN BOYFRIENDDD hahahaha dude, ever since I watched the saga from the very beginning, I haven’t had a chance to watch it with someone who I call ‘a boyfriend’ . Pergi tengok dengan girlfriend la, adik adik la, and tengok sorang wahaha what an epic . And the epilogue was amazing . I even cried masa dia tunjuk one by one character that casted in the saga . I know those faces clearly than you know . Haha .

Overall, there aren’t that big differences between the novels’ storyline and the movies’ . Cuma a bit frustrated dalam Eclipse sebab the movie was supposed to be more interesting and eye-catching because the book was great though . Takpela, since dah habis kan, so a big applause to the directors  as a honor from a big fan of Twilight here . :) Thanks for your well-done job and amazing masterpiece .

Another attractions in Twilight ( I call them as ‘endless distractions’ haha)

1) The casts

ZOMG they are soooo soooo , I don’t know how to say it, it can’t be profound in any connotation . It’s like when your words become superfluous , ha macam tu teruknya haha . Especially the vampire coven, I just love their aversion in fashion . Kalau lah dapat kakak macam Alice tu, senang hidup aku . And the werewolves pack aren’t that bad after all ; they are the most astonishing werewolves amongst all werewolves’ casts . SEMUA ADA SIX PACK WOII *rambang mata* But my favourite is Seth Clearwater, acted by Boo Boo Stewart . Sho comel namanyaaaa haha .

2) The places

Tempat tempat pun sangat cantik , even dalam buku pun boleh imagine betapa cantiknya tempat tempat tu . La Push , Rio De Janerio , Switzerland , Italy , my eyes do enjoy those green scenery .

3) The soundtracks

Sangat hebat ye soundtracks Twilight saga ni sampai saya meminati hampir kesemuanya . Kalau nak tau, pergi Youtube, cari soundtracks dari Twlight sampai Breaking Dawn Part 2 . Sampai sekarang soundtracks yang meninggalkan kesan (cewah gitu) ialah

*River Flows on You by Yiruma (Twilight)
*Supermassive Blackhole by Muse (Twilight)
*Decode (Twilight)
*Flightless Bird (Twilight)
*Leave Out All The Rest (Twilight)
*Possibility (New Moon)
*I Belong To You (New Moon)
*Shooting the Moon (New Moon)
*Neutron Star Collision (Eclipse)
*Let's Get Lost (Eclipse)
*Life on Earth (Eclipse)
*It Will Rain (Breaking Dawn P1)
*A Thousand Years (Breaking Dawn P1)
*Turning Page (Breaking Dawn P1)
*From Now On (Breaking Dawn P1)
*Sister Rosetta (Breaking Dawn P1)
*The Forgotten (Breaking Dawn P2)
*Cover Your Tracks (Breaking Dawn P2)
*Plus que ma propre (Breaking Dawn P2)
*A Thousand Years Pt 2 (Breaking Dawn P2)

Below are some of my favorite scenes throughout the saga :

I love this scene where they were at the meadow and surrounded by lavenders ahh heavennnnn .

Masa ni rasa 'Awesome gila upacara St Marcus ni. All in red yaw' But sebenarnya takde pun upacara ni yet the place is real, Voltera, Tuscany, Italy :) *Tick dalam honeymoon checklist haha*

A good time-spent between mother and her daughter, just love the family vibe inserted in this scene hehe .

One of the scenes in the last movie . This.means.war kata Edward .

A forever-ever-after love does exist , through the unity of these two distinct souls . I adore Bella's wedding dress, sangat cantik :3

Here comes the end of my writing but not the end of my obsession over this saga . Hope ada lagi sequel movies yang best . Why good franchise movies dah habis semuanya ? I iz sad you noe, Transformers, Harry Potter and now Twilight isk isk nak tengok cerita apa lagi kat pawagam niii . Takpe, FAST AND FUROUS 6 IS COMING YAWW * Brazilian dance*

'I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you'

#TeamEdward #TeamCullen haha nak jugak hashtag kat sini lol 

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