Monday, June 1, 2009

1st weekend - school holidays

demam demam demam . huk huk . * coughing . seriously, im in pain , having a severe fever and bad cough . pegi new hse, klang . today, my muffin is going back from UM . yeayy, at last ! :D but sadly, im in weak condition now . so, tataw la cane ni . emm .

last nite, nabil texted me . he invited me to follow him and his family to Kota Kinabalu for 5days . unfortunately, the available ticket is on naqib's name so i can't go . pity me weyy ! D;
so, text jela while waiting for amsyar's return . hmmm

on the nite, my family and i went to KFC . we had a dinner there . yeahh, makan pun ape je, sume taleh masuk tekak . unless la bubur Mekdi, masuk la jugak * at least la . then, tgah makan usha mamat neh, baju Celcom Gerrard number 8 . hahaha . gile la kacak . :D tapi he's smoker . durhh, bla bla . f*** smoker .

so, i went home, take off my scarf and ONLINEEEE ! haha, cukup cukup la rest satu ari . penat tau enggak ? :P so, online la smpai 3 pagi . bhaha . conference sampai pukul 2.30, and and chatting with amsyar until when when . hahaha . nida and amnan, aishh, gedik gado kat conference . hadoii . and myra pulak tetibe off-ing . aishh . bia la . btw, guys, meet this wed aww . i can't wait ! :D -xoxo-

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