Monday, September 7, 2009

Demons (part II)

Research diteruskan lagi dengan 'Most Haunted Places in Malaysia' . As we all known, there are afew hot spots popular with this paranormal entity . And they are,

  • Kellie's Castle, Perak
  • Genting Highlands
  • Highlands Tower, KL
  • KL - Karak Highway
  • Gua Musang, Kelantan

There are afew more, but I just picked the known ones only . Korang pun tau kan kat mane ni sume ? Mesti penah pegi . Same as me . And the paranormal things that often happen are flying white-dressed woman, an orb, a driver without his head, a woman across the highway on the middle night and such more . Haha, jangan cuak lagi . Banyak lagi . But thank god, I have never experienced any weird and creepy things whenever I was there . *except Highlands Tower, memang tak penah pegi langsung la* (If nak kepastian tentang tempat2 di atas, klik kat website ni,

I also have my own experiences . But I don't think to share it with you guys . Haha, takdela, nati korang KONFEM 'alahh, tak dela takut mane..' Huu , so nanti2 jela . :P Continue back with the topic . Hee . Ade yang respons my past topic actually . Tu yang fikir nak continue writings about this thing . And last night, I watched afew videos about exorcism . Memang tak la en, pepagi bute pukul 3 pagi . Even bulan puase, but terase gak takut . Meremang gak la bulu roma . Plus, 3am memang waktu 'panas' en, so yeah . But baru best , haha . ADE FEEELL :D

Btw, I guess I wanna stop write about this matters because it won't end . Haha, am i right ? So, till then, byebye . Jangan biarkan hidup anda, diselubungi misteriiii ..

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