Saturday, September 17, 2011


Kenapa farewell niii ? Tsk tsk . Sekarang semua benda around me nak farewell dah . Sedihnyeww isk isk *sedut hingus berlebihan*

1 . Twilight Saga

Breaking Dawn is the last chapter of the saga . I've never into any sequel movies before this saga came out . Like seriously, it's kinda sad sebab these are my favourite movies pastu dah nak habis . Tsk tsk . Expiry date dia, next year . Tidakkk . Im gonna miss the Cullens *hembus hingus kat tisu*

2. Monster

Yang depan tu yang farewell, yang belakang tu still stay . Hehe . Ok, it's a fake laugh :/ Im gonna miss this freaking awesome monster forever . Things won't change, there's no turning back . He made the decision and I respect it . Hope he's happy with his life now . Study hard, pray me for my Maths, enjoy your life and may you find a better person than me . Thanks for everything  (':

Dah dah, saya sedih ni . Farewell semorang .


Ps : Tengok cerita 'Fright Night' via online . Horror versus Sad - Horror wins :P

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