Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello my undying fan :)

Salam . How are you,people? Doing great? May Allah's blessing always be in your favor. Sorry for abandoning this blog site for too long, have been busy lately handling life, dealing with so many kind of people's attitudes. But now I am here and I am about to reveal one kind of people who I proudly call as my 'fan' :)

This post may contain nothing but harsh, sarcastic and snide words . You are now meeting the other side of me, I shall say, the bad side of me. Sorry for any offensive words. It's just me being at my highest level of anger and enrage .

This story began when someone pretended to appear as 'anonymous' and asked me some unethical questions on my Ask.fm account. I have came across with this unknown's questions for past couple of months where 'she' (I know the person is a girl by the way she types out words) sent me questions about my boyfriend and I, summing up, it's about my personal relationship's life. But then, I thought it was from my sister so I ignored those questions and told her to stop . Yet she told me that it wasn't her but still, I didn't want to brag things so I decided to end it there, left unanswered .

So, after a month receiving zero question from any random questioner, last night I received notifications from Ask.fm , syncing with my email account so whenever a question comes in, I'll be notified . It was her, the questions asked were likewise the previous one . I couldn't believe it, she seems couldn't get enough of me :)

To be honest, I never knew that she could ever dig into that deep to find out how was the way Harith treated me, like seriously . I don't know why she has to be so busybody over someone's life, like she doesn't own one . Dear,girl. How do you know about my tweets, aren't you like already unfollowing me because I tweeted shits and craps like you mentioned? Are you stalking me, missy?

That above statement was nothing but a piece of junk . Harith's yours? In future? Have you ever foreseen your future? Well, if you have, you must be some kind of a witch . You are that desperate until you have to hope for someone's d*ck, aren't you? You are really pathetic and cheap.

Refreshing back the history of OUR lives, you were once wanting my ex. So I helped you to have him . I gave you his phone number . You guys were contacting, that was fine to me . And you two did more than that : you moved to the next phrase, a relationship . I stepped away, I backed off . For the sake of our 'so-called' friendship and my ex's happiness .

I caught up with Harith a month after you had my ex . During your relationship period, I didn't freaking call or text your boyfriend ( my ex ) . Because I respected the relationship , I understood how did it feel to have your boyfriend's ex around . I kept myself disappeared, lowered my head down . But tell me, what did you do to my relationship? :)

You secretly invited Harith for an outing, yet I was still okay . You wished Harith on his birthday but you didn't send any birthday greeting on my birthday although it was me,a friend of yours,not Harith, yet I was fine with that . You accused me for giving your number to Harith AND that was the starting of your friendship with him but I have a proof that it was you who asked his number, yet I was cool with it . You even threw me a pile of wild accusations saying that I was in contact with your boyfriend ( my ex ) when you guys were in a relationship, you could even ask your beloved boy-toy about the validity of my actions, as you presumably claimed that I really was.

A year has passed, you are already broken up with your boyfriend and you are trying to demolish mine? What in the world are you thinking about, girl? Don't you have any profitable things to be done? Other than minding someone's business, especially my business . Why you have to be such a bossy? Grow up, get a boyfriend, hook up with him or do anything that you want and dream on, I don't care . As long you are living your own life and letting me handling mine, Im completely fine with that .

If I do anything wrong to you, offend you, hurt you, even break you (as if that even happens), then I want to end it here. I want to put this thorough with zero vengeance . But if you still want to keep the fire on, don't blame me if I pour bottles of gasoline onto it .

Wanna break us apart ? In your dream :)

Ps : I know you don't even want my boyfriend, you just want to see me suffer and fall onto the ground . Or maybe you are a lesbian, means you are secretly liking me . Sorry but that is just gross and Im straight :) Toodles.


  1. muka serupa. macam siblings, adik & abang :D

    1. Sama ke? Haha lain la,belum jumpa kitorg in person lagi :D

    2. dalam gambar tu macam sama . ada jodoh kot hehe