Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bookworm I am not

Salam PRU-13 . Hamboi berbaur politik ye disitu, padahal umur baru nak 20, tak layak lagi nak mengundi . Tetiba teringat tagline setiap kali PRU : Undian anda adalah rahsia . Tapi kalau orang tu pergi mengundi pakai baju / topi yang ada lambang dacing , bukanlah rahsia lagi kan, kah kah .

Mula dah tu melalut ke laut ~

Ok, kali ni nak post pasal sebuah buku yang saya beli di PWTC haritu yang bertajuk seperti di tajuk di atas . Buku ni lebih kepada motivational and inspirational words , sort of wisdom . Jom kita selongkar apa yang ada di dalam . 

For everyone I have offended or hope to offend at some later date .

Wait . Please don't turn away . Just hear me out - that's all I ask .

It's all my fault, and I am sorry .

I know I was wrong , but it still isn't easy to come clean .

I've wanted to apologize for what seems an eternity, 

but it's taken awhile for me to summon up the necessary courage and the right words .

What I did was so thoughtless --
 worse than eating the center out of all the Oreo cookies in the world.

And talk about stupid . What I did was even dumber than buying ludicrous equipment from a cheesy midnight TV commercial .

or pretending to be a gangsta rapper to look cool .

(ok aku give nak letak gambar dah . Sebab memang ikutkan buku, setiap ayat ada gambar . cerita sekarang buku ada 64 pages, stuck nanti blog aku so continue with the quotes)

It's all my fault there is a weird barrier between us now . I blew it .

I pushed you too far ,

broke your heart ,

made you mad ,

and turned your world on its head .

I should have known better, and I am deeply ashamed of myself .

My guilt is so profound and my regret so intense that it makes my teeth ache .

I don't know why you should care, but there is only one way for me to be free of this torment, and that is if you will accept my full and sincere apology .

No matter what happens between us, I just want you to know how truly sorry I am .

Panjang lagi tapi Tsunami kemalasan melanda . Nak tengok 'The Impossible' sekarang . Bye !

Ps : Big Bad Wolf is around the corner, why don't you buy this book ? :D It's a great book .

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