Monday, February 2, 2009

i will miss them ALOT ):

currently, im not in mood today after i knew some news bout my frens who gets thier's answers approval of boarding school, either it's from ministry or mara . at the first place, yeah, im upset bcz i didn't get any answer and 2ndly, i will lose them, my friends i mean .

list of my friends who will be the new students at their new schools

izuani - mrsm pengkalan chepa
tengku - mrsm pengkalan chepa
farashikin - mrsm LANGKAWI ! ( i swear to God, i damn envy to study here . ): )
hanisah - mrsm transkrian (another dream school )
amirah - mrsm alor gajah
hidayah - mrsm alor gajah
nabilah - mrsm alor gajah
sharmimi - kuses ( sms kuala selangor )
izwan - sbpi sabak bernam

"..guys, aku nk ucapkn gdluck kt korg and hope dpat strive life kt sne . seriously aku ckp, aku JELES GILE BABENG kt korg cz dpat skola2 yg best . dun frget ME esp to ex 3 pesona's students08 . all the best and hope we will meet again sumday . "

lots of love


  1. woi..aku ni hah..awal2 dah kena tinggal..lagi sedey wooo.. :"(