Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what a day !

10th Feb 09 - many thgs ( not too many, afew actlly :P) happen today . 1st of all, i would like to wish my mum HAPPY BDAY MA ! :D today is her bday actlly, but we had celebrate it yesterday . dh today start sekola, cne nk celeb . ngok :P and 2ndly, i've got SMT Langkawi .
i was just like, OMG !! i've choosed agriculture . hee . sokay sokay, gelak lahh gelak . eyy, dah org minat, suke ati aaa . durhh ! but my dad won't let me go BECAUSE he said all ths technic schools are LOW CLASS . * my dad neh ape twu sal teknik . n*** . hahah so now, im just waiting fr mrsm again bcz they said there will be 2nd intake soon . hopefully, my name is among the names . aminnnn~

List of my friends who get technic school ; (afew je yg tawu . hekk . )

nabira - smt cheras
wanie - smt cheras
syazwan - smt gombak
syafeeza - smt ipoh
mirul - smt seberang prai
zarul - smt klang
reena - smt sepang
nuri - smt sepang
alya - smt sepang

notes ; idk yet .:P

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