Tuesday, March 17, 2009

missing them !

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today, my mum send most of my pets at PAWS , an animal welfare home , sumwhere around Subang . jauh kan ? geesh . gile sdih laaa . bfore that, i went to UPM, sending Pocu *also my heart-lovable cat at Veterinary Clinic . wahh, kne than la kau kt dlm wad . :P after that, bru la anta Oscar and its children ( oreo, zero, romeo, hero and gemuk ) at PAWS . that place is so untidy, lack of hygieness . yelaa, mmg la pnuh haiwan, tp at least jge la . dah la nk ltak kucen pun makan almost rm300 . bongok, sian kucen2 . grr . the sadness part is, when i read the terms and conditions for placing the pets there, it mentions, " kami pihak PAWS tidak btggungjwb skirenye haiwan peliharaan anda tpkse dibunuh dgn care suntikan dan ubt tidur . jika belas kasihan, sila bawa pulang kucen anda " * spelling manyak tuka, mlas nk gune bhse baku . dh mule la, berair mate neh without non-stop ! sdih ohh ! then, tgk diorg last min, what a touched moment . wtv it is, duyya sntiase doakn korg sehat okay ? and dpat tuan yg lg better . and duyya tk penah lupe korg . iloveyouguys ! yess, diorg mmg tkkn bce blog ni tp bia la, it comes from my deep heart .

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