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Long-distance relationship part 2

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ok, last time,i didn't write properly about long-distance relationship. so here are some useful tips that i practise myself for my relationship. hoping they'll be helpful ^_^

1) Make time 

Having this kind of relationship is hard,especially for the first timer. To maintain is more difficult than to achieve. But what's the secret? Make time. Try to find any spare time just for your partner. Always looking forward for the weekends / holidays. Memang susah nak allocate masa,but sit and think -- when everyone is given the same 24 hours a day,why they can make it and you can't? Engage the communication between you two even tighter. Skype,oovoo,calling and even texting,various sources of communication we have these days so get along with them!

The secret : It doesn't necessary to reach out on each other every single minute. Sometimes,it's just enough to let your partner knows and notices that s/he has been in your mind all this time :)

2) '99% promises'

Being physically apart is truly a challenge especially when you are bounded with promises. Percaya tak,those yg dalam LDR lagi banyak berjanji daripada usual couples? For example :

"I janji i takkan curang"
"I akan spare masa untuk you walaupun I busy"
and stuffs.

The real question is,which will you choose? to turn down all the promises or to fulfill them all? Choices are in your hand. Choose wisely. If you are a true love fighter,deliver your words,drive by your actions. Otherwise,you know who you are.

The secret : Don't make promises if you are unable to fulfill them. Enough to convince your partner that you will be good and s/he has nothing to worry about and this is where trustworthy and loyalty play their role. :)

3) Keep possessing the positivity

Always look on the good side of long-distance relationship. (well,im not saying that having your partner around is a mess) You can spend more times with friends and family,instead of having a stressful moment fighting and arguing because too frequent meeting each other. You are probably developing your love,trust and loyalty to a whole new level that you couldn't have thought of reaching them! Dwell with life that you've been missing on,as long you don't cross the border.

The secret : Another good side is you would've not known how much you miss your partner till LDR challenges you and tests your relationship's vulnerability. Isn't it the sweetest? :D

4) Plan a breakaway 

Couldn't be denied that physical intact would be matter the most. Then,start to plan a date that you two haven't been through! I mean here by physical doesn't include sexual intact --' aku lempang sensorang kang. Plan a nice picnic date,or maybe an outdoor date. Zoo date sounds fun too. Whatever your plan is,make sure s/he doesn't see that it's coming :P

The secret : Surprises are nice but tricks not to have a cancelled surprise are to arrange with his/her friends or family first and also be annoyingly clingy partner by asking her/his activities. Kang penat kau plan satgi tak jadi,melepas kau Labu..

Actually while writing this post,aku dengar lagu 'Heartbreaker' by Justin Bieber tau (taktau la ape motif) tapi yang pastinya,don't be a heartbreaker and don't be the one who has a heartbreak. Chill yaw!

My favorite point of views on long-distance relationship ;

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