Wednesday, April 29, 2009

save the mother nature pls !

gahh , aku dah tak tahan dahh ! panas semacam cuace lately . goshh, the earth has becomes critical every single day . 1st case, kat sekola tadi . ya allah, panas tayah cakap aa . lengan baju siap sinsing sampai lengan dah . panas tol . tapi panas kali ni buat lekit badan . ngok tol . seriously tk selesa weyy . geesh . the time has come to act . go green !

Everyday Is Earth Day!!

to-do-list in order to save the nature ; (my parts la en, yg laen nk colabrates tkde hal :D)

-reduce the usage of electronic gadgets
-switch off the lights when it isn't necessary to be used.
-pick up the rubbish whenever you see it .*pilih sampah jugak la. haha
- say NO to smoke !
-refer to walk home than drive home *suda start . bole kurus sket en ? haha
-trying to convince family members to switch off the lights every weekend for 2hours (ala2 earth hour la jugak . )
-others ? will be thinked about after this.. hee

actually there's alot of benefits that we could get if we save the nature . think about it,think about our future generations . will they live in this world if we don't keep it for them ? so, act now ! save the mother nature !

ps ; kesedaran sivik aku AGAK extreme sket . haha . ikut jejak maya karin la konon nye .cewahhh ! haha .

yg menyayangi bumi,

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