Friday, July 10, 2009

Have you already know me ?

There are some truths that I guess you don't even notice about me . Just take a look [if you want to lahh];

1) EVEN her nickname is dee ,
BUT she's proud to be the owner of the name , Durra Shahirah bt Mohd Azman

2) EVEN she's OFFICIALLY 16 on 23rd May 2009 ,
BUT her attitudes never change at all ! :D always acts like a child - blushingggg :*

3) EVEN she's occupied by Hariz,
BUT she never left her friends behind . (:

4) EVEN most of her times are spent on texting-sms and watching the latest movies ,
BUT she tries to spend her times to study . Additional mathematics, yesss !

5) EVEN she wants to have JUST a slice of cake ,
BUT she will abstain herself from buying it *when hariz is with her la . if not, :DD

6) EVEN she meets new friends ,
BUT she absolutely won't forget her friends even since childhood

7) EVEN David Archuleta is her favourite singer ,
BUT she still adores Enrique Iglesias FOREVER AND EVER **

8) EVEN she doen't has such a lovely voice ,
BUT bathroom always be her singing studio . haha

9) EVEN she says " hey, that guys is cute" ,
BUT she still adores her guy, the ONLY one (:

10) EVEN she has RM1000 in her bank account ,
BUT it doesn't mean she will use it * the point that i try to say is IM NOT MONEY-MANIAC

11) EVEN her passion towards luxury cars can't be treated ,
BUT she Always knows that she can't afford it . );

12) EVEN people are talking bad behind her ,
BUT she keeps act like nothing's happens . ^thanks to Hariz, he's there when i need . <3

13) EVEN she dreams that one day, she will be a doctor ,
BUT in the real world, she knows the paths will be more difficult than now =_=

14) EVEN she is the eldest child in the family ,
BUT she also wants her parents' attentions ! grr . pa, new phone can ? :D

15) EVEN she's owning a Canon EOS 1000d ,
BUT she doesn't know what to do with it . haihh, sape nak ?

16) EVEN she believes in miracles ,
BUT she scares to hope for it 100% to become true
17) EVEN her life is full of dramas ,
BUT she loves to play a role in it

18) EVEN she has made a decision about something ,
BUT it will change afterwards . hek

19) EVEN she feels comfort with her friends ,
BUT she will aware about the words that she gonna say in the conversation

20) EVEN there are some people that hates her without any concrete REASONS
BUT she still keeps move on her life cz "Haters make me Famous" astalavista~ :DD

ps ; teringin tido . kemengantukkan melande mate :D

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