Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello, im Durra (:

Just a lame introduction to start up my writing . I'll be writing about my circumtances that I'd faced in life lately . Well, i'll surely share my daily routine - not a routine actually when I did skipped oftenly . And just spot the differences in it ok ?

I wake as usual when the sun has rose brightly . Well, my mum won't wake me for sure . Showering, breakfast-ing, nahh you can predict what will i do later . Too easy to know, so obviousss . *smirk Dancing is included in my routine too, well, just add up in the list lately . Hek . After 30mins sweating,being such a crazy person awhile, it heals my bad mood earlier in the morning actually .

Since Bell lent me her Twilight Saga's, finally my days are fully booked by them . Haha . At least, i still have something to do, right ? Not just sitting alone, keep jealousing about 'the guy' (Amal knows him well haha shh shh :P ), and resting all day long . It's so unhealthy activities, but what in the world shall i do else ? With the bad weather lately, it doesn't seems a good reason to tell the parents about going out with the friends . So, the best thing ever to do are sit at home unquestionably and read the Saga's .

My nights oftenly filled with this ; online . Unless there will be any tempting movies on Astro . So far, Twilight has caught my eyes and pulled my attention away from the laptop . Haha . Sorry ! But I just can't resist the scenes when Edward was smiling beautifully - well, Bella did called him beautiful, not handsome . Nevertheless, nobody could possibly makes my heart thud erratically as he did . Of course 'the guy' . :P Haha enough said, peeps . Talking about this thing, obviously blushed me out . I wish i could see his smiles persistently but i know, it will end up soon .
* the guy refers to the same guy that me and Amal know (: Before my night ends, of course i'll prepare myself to sleep . And not to forget, kiss my phone chain . Haha i don't know why i can't restrain myself from doing that . It has lots of memories behind it . It pictured as a marriage couple and he has it too . Hope he still keeps it .

Hopefully, this long,truthful statement will completely answer to most of my friends' questions about my present life . Yes i know, you guys are rationally concerning about me but sometimes, it makes me feel pleasentless .

Ps ; Do my writings sound too literature-sort of ? Haha sorry for that :P



  1. now...wait a sec...
    you told me to visit ur blog after 3 days, and this is wot i get...i was eagerly anticipating sumthing regarding our get-together, you know...
    ah well, guess i have to keep asking you again n again, eh?
    remember, playing hide n seek online might not be the best idea. hehe..

    ok la dee, no more concerns bout ur life CHEERS :)

  2. Hahaha . Intently sorry for that, fella . Actually, i'd save my post about it, just need to touch up a lil . Well, you know when things flow, it doesn't always goes smoothly . But don't worry, i'll post it in public later, of course before the school starts its session (: