Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stories behind the songs

Have you ever give songs to the person that you love ? Tak kisah lah lagu sedih ke, lagu happy ke,yang pastinya it's all about love . Perfectly describing your love's situation . Fyi, music is the best therapy to release your tension . Rather than that, it can be worse too because it will remind you about your past . Here are some songs that closely related to my love stories . Either past or present one (:

I listened to this song when I broke up with the guy in Case 3 BUR : Part II. Puas gak la nyanyi lagu ni kuat-kuat dalam bilik . Hehe

Lagu ni pulak, i can't remember who gave it to me but if tak silap, he got a crush on me pastu i ignored him . Ha macam tulah heh .

Ini diberi oleh si dia dalam Case 2 . Taktau reason apa, but tah . Still nak fahamkan tapi tak pernah faham-faham .

Lagu ini masih lagi menjadi contact ringtone that guy :P hihi you know who you are <3Thanks for making me a part of your list .

This song pulak KEBETULAN me and syahir nyanyi together dalam kelas PD , time buat pemetaan visual . But don't misunderstand . He sang this song for his girl . Note that,

I just love Bruno Mars . That's all :D *one of my favourites

I think this song is SWEEEEEET , awhh .

Lagu ni dengar bila tahu something yang tak sepatutnya tahu . Macam something that can makes me sad when I knew about that thing . Ha betul lah tu, betul lah .

My all-time favourite boys band - Backstreet Boys :D

I want this song plays on my wedding day . Fullstop .

How about you ? Any songs to be shared ? :D May it cheers your day, though .

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