Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Most Unforgettable Character

"You're the best thing I never knew I needed ", the main chorus in Ne-yo famous song, is the right words to describe 'My Most Unforgettable Character'.

He is an average, muscular man with his build-up biceps . His tanned skin has completes the perfection of him . A pair of mahogany eyes, with his exquisite smile, he is just an inexpressible guy by any connotations . He has not-so-round face and also a short, burky hair . I melted when I looked into his eyes . It is so mysterious and .. beautiful .

Those description will leave you puzzled when it comes to his age . Frankly, he is only an-eighteen-year-old boy as he just finished his SPM last year . His intellectuality, especially in gadgets, and also the latest updates of technology inventions, he never wants to be the last person on Earth to know about it . He is the last child in his family and he has a great big brother and also a beautiful sister .

We used to be close to each other for a quite long time . At the very beginning, I met him in such unexpected ways . We both were studying in the same class since Form 1 and after a year, we tied a comradeship firmly . He wasn't a friendly person from my point of view . He is a little bit typical,not a type of guy who likes to start a conversation with any girl, hence he was not the most sporting guy I ever met ; even the innuendos never works on him . He seemed to be annoyingly persistent . Because of my deep, inquisitive behavior, I never gave up in knowing him deeper and deeper . And I should get a credit for it ; we became much closer than before . I do admit, somehow, I was disbelief that I'd just revealed my life to this bizarre, handsome boy who may or may not despise me .

Every single moments we spent together, it would forever be my precious, unforgettable memories . We celebrated our birthdays together, studied at the library, mostly when the examinations was coming around the corner . But the most remembered ones is our so-called holiday at Sunway Lagoon . We spent a half day precisely by enjoying the games and having fun . I just know his weakness of riding roller coaster . Well, I was scared too but not too obvious as he did . We had done many activities together , buying groceries was also in the list . We were being ourselves when we are together . That is why I like him .

Although he is the most indecipherable person that I have ever known in my 18-years living, one thing that I positively sure about him ; he has a shy person . Literally, he looks vain and unfriendly person but he is still an ordinary human that needs to be have a normal life like other humans do . I first did not know about it until I abruptly got into him . He is somehow different, like a person who wears a mask before facing this intolerable world . He might a hopeless romantic but he never stops trying to show his best . He tries to convince me that he is worthwhile and he wants to prove that he is being serious with me . It is just that he doesn't like to show off his so-called love affection when people know about his know-all identity .

It is undeniable that people especially the girls, are easily attracted towards him . Metaphorically, if the girls are the south poles, then he will always be the north pole with his irresistible, strong magnetic field . At one point, I have to admit that he is sort of good-looking . The smile that he owns, is always my highest point of weakness . Added with his stunningly, shiny brown eyes, he is almost unbearable . Like a 'persona Grata' .

Unlike other guys, his presence meant 'something' . It filled the hollows in my empty chest . He partially changed me, even the notations would not be the same as before . He taught me to be much patient than I used to, calm in facing any circumstances and always be a positive thinker . I used to call him 'Edward Cullen' as he was my savior in any state of affairs . He would be at his best as I think he is . He always tried to impress me with everything that he has and it felt deeply melancholic . I know it sounded odd and hard to believe but he really meant it and he did it .

Until one day, my world had become dimmed, cloudless without any striking glares of the Sun . He suddenly wanted to end up everything between us . He left me with thousands of perplexing questions . The sorrow of our separation still lingers in me . It feels like it just happened yesterday, indeed . Half of me seemed lost ; no matter how hard I try to gain it back, it won't be like before . Never . The metaphor couldn't find its perfect connotations, the syllables in melody couldn't play along with any instrument by man . How difficult it was, yet I still need to move on . Even the only thing that left behind is our memories . But my instinct always feels that this decision wasn't his demand .

Future is a new inception of my life . And I need to start thinking about it by right . It feels like an innocent, newborn child that far from His blasphemy . Nevertheless, he will always be in me ; the beginning and the end of every chapter in my life . I won't forget his last words, "..we'll be together again, just wait till the time comes" . I know it's too early to say and inappropriate for a 18-year-old girl to confess this but I always hope that he would be the boy-gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure my hand . He is irreplaceable and always be the greatest thing that happened to me . I know , forever is waiting for us ahead . All I have to do is stay calm, enjoy the love's ride while it is still around and believe that everything is going to be fine .

Ps : Aku rindu nak tulis karangan since MUET takleh tulis narrative essay lagi . Huk huk . Takde niat lain, percayalah kata ku . Ok bai, nak berbuka . Chalo .

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