Sunday, November 27, 2011

All About Time

This post will be shown in two version - the right emotions are counted . Thanks .

Part 1

I got a morning call from someone who is special to me . Don't get me wrong, it's a 'her' . His mother , well, you know who is 'his' I'm referring to . Aunty kata ada keropok lekor for me, the one she bought from Terengganu . It was 9 o'clock in the morning . Bangun, kemas rumah, done with the house chores, I got myself ready for today's outing .

Merely 12, I reached his crib and met his brother . In a second I looked at him, his little brother's face was reminisced and came across my mind for awhile . Had a chat, then I straight away drove to KTM . I decided for not driving, and chose to get public transport . Everything was fine , so far .

Safely arrived Midvalley on 1pm . Walking quickly to The Gardens, and searching for its cinema . It has been in my list to watch movie there . That place is awesomely cool, indeed . Mini Pavilion, I called it . Hehe . The showing time was on 2.10pm . On the dot I arrived , it was 2.05pm at that time . Although the ticket was way too pricey , but at least this is the only thing I could sacrifice for something that I dreamed of .

I don't give a damn about the price, it is worth .

I was right, the cinema is nothing but great . Feels like you are in a theater box , about to watch an opera . Huge and comfy, all the seats are couple type, but I came alone, means Im gonna sit besides an unknown who is also a lone ranger just like me . Sharp on the dot, the tape was about to roll .

The starting was touched . Jacob hides himself in the middle of nowhere , disappointed much on Bella's decision . Bella gets herself prepared for the day, Edward can't stop thinking about his marriage future . Everyone has played their roles perfectly, the director managed to get people's attention and brought together their emotions .

But there was a part where I started to feel unsatisfied . The ending . WHY IT IS DIFFERENT THAN ITS NOVEL ? The story diverged from it supposed to be . From my reading , if Im not mistaken, (It has been a year since my last time reading it) , after giving birth, Bella still remains as a human .

She recovers SLOWLY , not like in the movie where her body looks like been pumped, rises drastically like an expanding balloon . Kelakar sangat lah, adeh . As Renesmee is growing older, Bella decides to change herself to become a vampire, only if Edward is willing to fill the venom inside her vein . And that's the end of the saga . But this is what ? Then, apa yang lagi yang akan berlaku dalam Part 2 since the story is already ended in Part 1 . It's better if the story line isn't changed that much .

Part 2

Back to me, after done watching the movie, I walked out from the box . Yeah, that feeling when you are all alone, like a tiny creature in this huge and wide world . I saw everything . I saw everyone . Couples, families, businessman, housewives, small kids - all were caught in my sight . I interpreted their next actions, I focused on their face expressions , ok I actually didn't have anything else to do .

The weather wasn't good, it seemed to be a reflection of my actual feeling . It was raining, the heavy one . I turned my playlist on, and guess what, it didn't helping me at all . Seemed like it was already arranged on what songs to be played according to my current mood . I was waiting for the train's arrival on that time . From a group of waiting people to a crowd . Thanks for the 'good' service, KTM .

Along the journey, I reminisced things that happened this morning . His words, it was as sharp as a knife . 30minutes waiting at KL Sentral , it was wisely used by me to think about my problems . To answer all questions that linger in mind . To guide the heart to the right path . To find the way out .

I continued thinking about it over and over again along the journey back to Shah Alam . The sky had turned to blue again, the Sun glare hit my face . I looked on it, without blinking . And I actually related it with my problems . The Sun shows up after a heavy rain = A solution comes out behind the problems . But, as the train moved, I lost its glare . I turned around, looked here and there, still I couldn't find it . I came out with this thought , 'the solution is actually laying in front of you, it's just you aren't wise enough to find it'

It was a great experience though . Being alone in a crowded place had given me a new perception about life . People are different from one another , although you are siblings, father and son, cousins - still you aren't same between each other . But the comradeship and the relationship are strings that tie you up and become together .

People who care will stay, people who don't will walk away . I think I know those people who are in the first and second decision . No text messages received from him after the incident, I guess I know what to do next . Time . I will consume my time wisely and perfectly, far apart from any chagrin . I have set my mind , now it's the time to show it off .

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