Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Proposal

First and foremost, I would like to express my highest and biggest appreciation to my Dinamika's lecturer for having an eye on my last week's speech regarding Stages In Relationship and Love : It's A Journey not A Destination . Surprise me, I got 20/20 for the speech :D Jadi, apa lagi, Dr. Dee is now back on her track !

The Proposal . Inadvertently picturing way of my proposal :P

Ok, the proposal . Let's talk about it .

(Strictly advisable to guys only . If there is any girl wanna do it too, well, you may do some adjustment which you think it suits with your situation (: )

Anda minat someone ni..

Dia cantik .
Dia menarik .
Anda tertarik .
Dia memang DA BOMB .

Haha intro tah hape hape :P And paling penting, dia single . Apa lagi..

*cupid sedang bersiap sedia dengan anak panah nya*

BUT WAIT ! Anda taktau macam mana nak propose dia :( Well, interested to know some ? *winking eyes*

1) Sing a song

I know it sounds 'Err' because lelaki memang ego tinggi but hey, you said you wanna propose a girl then put the hell your ego aside ! Kalau macam tu, better kau tak payah couple dengan sesiapa . Banyak lagu sweet nowadays, easy to choose . Music sounds better with you - Big Time Rush , I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz , and banyak lagi . Jangan lah kau bagi lagu ' Akon - Dangerous ', itu memang kalau aku pun lari . Lepas nyanyi tu, positively sure lah yang si girl tu pelik, 'dah kenapa dia ni, buang tebiat dah?' Lepas tu, boleh lah susun ayat '*clearing throat* will you be mine ?'

Triple sweet : If nyanyi guna music instrument / ajak member nyanyi kan sekali ke / alter the lyrics and do some changes by including her name insde (:

2) Give a present

Tak perlu barang mahal-mahal . Although it's a simple thing but it means everything to a girl . Girls kan complex, they love shopping complexes :P Haha . Bear yang sekecik tapak tangan tu pun boleh, bagi kad semata pun boleh , phone chain yang comel-comel pun boleh , anything pun boleh . But untuk try this method, korang mesti berjumpa each other kan ? So, kena prepare all those blushing cheeks and unaddressable words sebab gelabah sangat . Rilex, korang bukan tengah upacara akad nikah pun . Just give the present and say 'Will you be my girlfriend?'

Triple sweet : If korang bagi a ring (:

3) Public humiliation

Haha chill . Bukan suruh korang tulis kat badan "I Love You" lepas tu bukak baju in public , macam dalam cerita Tentang Bulan tu . No, it isn't like that . Yet you still need to be at the highest level of bravery to do this . Ok, bagi situation : Korang tengah borak-borak lepas makan . Then lepastu, korang bangun dari seat and berdiri sebelah dia, and melutut . AWHH THIS IS FREAKING SWEEEEET ! Maaf terover . But seriously, macam tu lah ceritanya .

Triple sweet : Gotten down on your knee in front of people at a crowded place . Pavilion would be awesome . Haha :P

4) Via text / phone call / video call

Alah, ini cara retro . And ini cara common . Hampir 99.9% lelaki buat cara macam ni . But then, it is still a sweet thing . Hehe . But your proposal words really need to be as sweet as you can . If setakat , 'Will you be mine?' , si girl rasa 'dia ni serius ke tak ni ? Propose macam nak taknak je' Cuba lah , 'Will you be my Sun who brights my days and will you be my Moon who accompanies me during nights ?' 'Will you be my girlfriend, my shopping buddy, my study partner, my favorite contact in my Skype account , and my 24/7 message recipient ?' Kan comel itu :D

Triple sweet : Korang buat confession since when korang start suka dia, cerita benda yang si dia buat sampai buat korang fall in love and such . Alah, setakat 3pages punya message, apa salahnya tulis pepanjang sikit . Nanti dengan dia jugak korang text tetiap hari , kan ? (:

5) Blogging or making video

Ini jarang . I mean, firstly because it is reallyyy rare to find a guy yang ada blog . Because most of the guys tend to keep their life stories by themselves . Secondly , guy ni malas . Kemalasan diorang berganda-ganda, darab 10 punca kuasa 5 . And to do these two things , it takes time . Unless if that particular girl, their dream girl tu sangat lah important dan dah memang kemaruk bercinta sangat , well, it is not impossible . Do it by your own creativity , create a video music with her pictures as background ke , confession ke , anything that you find as a sweet thing . Trust me, girls won't even bother about your worse video editing, buat video pun dah cukup buatkan diorang post dekat Facebook and tell to her friends how happy she is . Same thing goes to blogging . All your fragmented English words aren't longer important , as long she gets the contents on what you are trying to say and it is more than enough .

Triple sweet : Put some romantic quotes (:

So far , I can give only these 5 methods which I personally think and classify as romantic . So, are you ready to propose her , gentleman ? :D

Good luck !

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