Friday, March 2, 2012

A Lifeless Life

Pernah tak bila kita dah plan sesuatu a week before and sepanjang menunggu detik itu,ada satu perkara yg mengubah plan kita and terus tak jadi?

Pernah tak terjadi bila something happens but bukan disebabkan kita yet kita still affect by it?

Pernah tak bila kita turn down,and time2 tu jugak everyone around you including your family and your friends make things even worse?

Pernah tak terfikir " why should I deserve this after all this time I did good deeds?"

Pernah takk rasa alone and lonely,bukan sebab breaking up ke apa,sebab things don't seem right and all have turned upside down?

Pernah tak dream on something and can't wait to make it real but then the reality doesn't help you to achieve it,at all?

Pernah tak rasa helpless sebab your life sucks?


Life is cruel ; more cruel than Hitler.

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