Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Me? Boys' strongest living magnet? Be kidding?

Assalammualaikum and for those non-Muslims, Hello :) ok, cut the introduction real short because I ain't gonna waste my precious time given by God for mumbling and talking nonsense .

But sometimes, I break it through . LOL

Ok, post kali ni akan ada berbaur tahap 'perasan' level Gunung Everest tapi this is the truth of me so love it or not, suck it and deal with it. If you don't, you may exit my blog by clicking X on the tab bar . Done .

I am not practically sure and confidently said that I am the only girl ( or woman because I am 20 soon-to-be ) who experiences this and if you do counter-cross this too, I FEEL YOU.

I have this problem since I was in ... standard 1 ? Yes, I do. Masalahnya ialah


Truly indeed . Perkara ni dah lama perasan . But I don't really know why and how this thing can be happened . I mean, come on, I grew up with this one boy and he happened to be my very first best friend . So, my history of friendship started by being friends with someone from opposite gender . Bayangkan lah how my days went . Petang petang kayuh basikal pergi taman belakang rumah sebab nak race kat bicycle track la, pergi lawan bola dekat padang sebelah, I had kicked a ball until it hit and broke a vase somewhere around in school compound . Yes, my mischievousness was overrated and boiling up till the highest temperature as it could go . I even got a boy haircut because I felt so sissy for having a long hair and my male friends laughed at me after seeing me in short hair but I scolded them back till they shut themselves up . JADI BAYANGKANLAH BETAPA TOMBOY NYA AKU DULU .

I tried to be like them , my male friends because I didn't want them to feel awkward by befriending me and I just hate lower schoolgirls' dramas and obsession on girls' stuffs . I didn't wear hairbands, ribbons like Minnie Mouse to go to school . I loved letting my hair free . Or I was actually too lazy to tie them up . Tapi tulah, cinta datang tanpa diundang . Salah seorang daripada mereka yang ramai ramai tu, sebenarnya kept a deep crush on me . Masa tahu pasal tu, I was in standard 6, dah nak habis sekolah dah pun . Hahaha . But still, I was like 'WHAT?' All this time how come taktau langsung ?! I've never had any cues about it! Seriously, I might have hurting him so bad because I had someone else throughout my primary school year . Tomboy tomboy gak, player tetap player . Lol me .

Ok, that is one example of all kind of situation I've been through . Sebenarnya benda ni terjadi setiap kali Im trying to get closed with one guy and trust me, in a blink of eye, that guy keeps at least the tiniest feeling of being with me . Nak kata aku gedik, nehi, mera nehi gedik . Plus, lelaki tak suka perempuan gedik . ( correct me if Im wrong ) . Nak kata Im trying SO HARD to be accepted by guys' clan, pun tak jugak . For example la kan, mula-mula tak minat bola tapi sebabkan crush dia minat bola, dia sanggup tengok bola untuk menimbulkan rasa minat terhadap bola . Oh please, stop being a faker , either guys or girls, no one likes to have a faker as a friend .

No, Im just being myself, ever since I was born because I was taught that originality owns by everyone and it is something that we should be proud in having it . I don't often watch football matches except World cup's tournament . I love sport cars . I dress-up simple and plain . I don't fancy having girls' accessories . I eat messily . I hate high-heels , feels like a camel walking when I first laced and fitted in it . I lack in girl sense . I am not beautiful, that's the most important thing of all . Tapi kenapa masih lagi lelaki senang suka saya ? I don't ask for it ..

 Saya cuma nak jadi kawan :/

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  1. because guys are generally that way. if they don't have anyone and befriended a girl, they will end up liking that girl though at first place it's just platonic.