Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"We never leave"

Ingat lagi quote ni dalam Transformers : Dark of The Moon,masa Autobots datang balik after US government hantar balik ke outer space. It was quoted by the great Optimus Prime.

And I believe in him :)

"Transformers 2014 Expo" in Genting Highlands. 

Sebenarnya dah lama tau pasal expo ni,end of last year. Tinggal tunggu sem break je and finally I made. Yeayy! Gigih ok cari tiket bas segala. This expo was located at Arena of Stars. 

The ticket! Akan ku kenang selamanya~

So this is the expo's map. Tak besar mana pun,but as a fan,Im more than satisfied. 

Dekat entrance dah jumpa Optimus Prime. Amboi kemain tak sabar dibuatnya haha

First edition Optimus Prime

As what you reviewed on the map,first pitstop was "Transformers' chronology". So memang banyak gila collectible items, either produced by Hasbro or Legos. Memang comel belaka semua haha 

Sape terer,cer teka ape nama robot ni? Ha jawab jawab


These are some of them. There are lots of miniatures, I would say almost a thousand? Almost.

Then we moved to the next section which was 'Camaro's display' Look at the body tho...


See the sign reflected on Camaro? Yeah baby,it's an Autobot 

Akan ku cari lambang tu n tampal kat keta ku sendiri satu hari nanti. Kancil pun kancil la.

Me and this shiny baby

Next section was 3D experience. Which everything here appeared in 3D. Oh,and thats my brother. Say hello to Adam! 

"We will protect the world" kind of look. 

Sape ingat ni,dia memang fan Transformers yg tegar. Gua beraksi konon nak kecikkan the Cube tu.  

Crime partner, Bumblebee

Motif aku angkat tangan macam tu? This was 3D interaction section. Katanya kita boleh interact dgn mini Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Kira macam kita buat ape,dia ikut la. Tp sebenarnya aku yg ikut diorang. 

The last section was the most exciting section of all ; meeting massive statues  . This is my favorite among all ; Optimus Prime

Nampak dari jauh dah menjerit dah. Finally dapat jumpa (even it was only a replica) depan mata. Its height was 23ft. Memang tinggi teramat ah cite dia. 

Meet my partner ; Bumblebee. Together we stand against the Decepticons.

Look how massive they are. The only word that came out from my mouth ; 


Im totally all over the moon right now,feels like dream has come true. I admit that I wasn't a big fan of Transformers back in days when they were appeared as cartoons (i did watch them but not really follow the series -- I was 5-6 years old on that time) until they came out with their very first movie , Transformers. Thank you for coming here. Whoever handles this expo, I couldn't thank you more for upbringing my childhood days back. As a souvenir, got myself a glow-in-the-dark red T-shirt. Yeayy

So,for those yg rasa nak pergi,boleh datang terus ke Arena of Stars,Genting Highlands. Ticket counters are beside the entrance. Ataupun for further details,boleh terus ke . Better hurry because this expo will end on 16th February 2014.

Ps ; Heard that Bruno Mars and Neyo are coming to the town in May. So gonna be my next attraction :D

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