Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Thats so fetch!"

Holla pipol! Three months tops not writing a thing! Blogging is no longer a trend but since Im against mainstream, so.....yeaa... ahaks

Nowadays people do their daily requirements via Internet. Online banking, online shopping and EVEN online dating. But Im not really into virtual stuffs which I need all my five senses in making decision. 

My friend, she is a hardcore shopaholic. Zalora, Fashion Valet, Groupon, kau tanyalah account apa yang dia takde hahah. One thing pops in my mind ; how does she have all the guts in the world to invest her money on something that she may have or have not received for real? Macam kau gamble duit kau untuk benda yang kau taktau akan dapat ke tidak atau benda yang kau mungkin suka atau tak suka sebab pictures can be deceiving..??

Im so confused, really. God help me.

Paling tak reti nak beli barang online. Lagi lagi pakaian dan kasut. Dibuatnya baju tu tak muat, macam mana? Kalau kasut tu kecik, apa nak buat? Unless the online shops' owner states a policy "Boleh return barang kalau silap size" which I don't think they even have it due to difficulties whatever poop (replacing 'shit' because I wanna keep this blog clean) 

Pernah sekali la beli crop tops, dua ok, from the same online store (It was on Instagram, not sure if it was running by a clothing store or boutique or whatever poop) Cut the poop, the price for both was rm30. Plus minus with postage fee, (masa tu belum lagi GST implementation), rm40 sebab CDM tak terima duit rm5. Nanti katanya dia selit duit baki dalam package tu sekali. 

Bila sampai je, mestilah excited gila poop. It was my first online purchase! Yeayy! In a split milisecond, (yes, it was escalated real quick) I was so devastated because the crop tops were designated ugly!!!!!! BAJU TU DATANG DARI THAILAND SEBAB TENGOK KAT TAG & IT HAD ELEPHANT EFFING DESIGNS!!!!! punyalah aku mengamuk dan marah....

...kat diri sendiri sebab mudahnya ditipu oleh Instashop.

Ever since that horrific situation, I decided not to buy any sort of clothes via online. LESSON GOAT DAMN LEARNED. Lepas lepas tu aku beli kat Groupon je, itu pun baucar makan. At least aku tau, aku beli baucar makan steak / Seoul Garden, dan bukannya daging gajah.

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