Monday, November 2, 2015

Vice versa

there is this one girl whom she used to envy me because we had some 'unplanned' connections between each other. and she envied me for having the life she would want, at that time. but now i become the one who envy her because she has a good life (not saying mine is bad); she literally has everything. she is pretty, tall (170+ is pretty much tall for a girl though), an excellent student ( she was Dean's list achiever back in her diploma days ), and now she is studying abroad at the country i would dream of going to. sobs. are we sort of returning each other's favor ke cemana ni haha somehow, i envy her not in form of paying revenge or holding any grudge ; i just wish that i could be her. nonetheless, right here, im wishing her best of luck in life.

ps ; can't forget your words saying 'you're awesomely weird' when we had a fight once lol you're funny :P

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