Friday, April 10, 2009

1st week at hikmah

okay, actlly i supposed to start my tuition class since last week . due to afew probs that can't be avoided, so i've decided to start my class ths week . i take only 5subjects which are maths, add maths, physics, biology and chemistry . and the days are on tuesday, wednesday and friday .

tuesday - masuk klas chem n physics . agak cuak cz new student kan ? hek . tapi ade gak last year pmr's students ; kong, hanis, hariz and amyrul anas . hanis, stop it la tnye pasal amir . adoihh, penat aku jwb soalan kau . and the students are severals, meaning that, it's just nice for a class la kan ? at last, i started up my 1st day there without no obstacle that can disturb my lesson (: * harris tkjut . haha . kau hutg ngan aku ! :D

wednesday - bio's class . mak aihh ! sikit gle org . 7org saje . but sokay, lg best . hek . and the students btukar2 . and so, im able to understand the lesson . while i was waiting for the class which was being used by form5's students, *my class starts on 9pm, i met Amir's sister . agak tkjut ngn penampilan TERBARU die bcz last year, she didn't wore any scarf . bgus ain, cantek . keep going okay ? but 1 je mintk, ain jgn lah rpat ngn kak durra lagi . if not, your bro will slap you again .. ): another amir's sibs, azim, tk nmpk la pulak but if im not mistaken, he wore black tshirt . sokay, jumaat ade lagi . hope meet lah . (:

friday - maths & add maths' class . sesmpai je kt tgge hikmah tu, tny la mane kelas form 4 kt kaunter . last2 tnmpk amnan, so ikut jela die . haha . makin kacak woo amnan ! no wonder la nidaa falls in love with him. cewahh ! :D class ni bapak PACKED gile nak mati ! nak benafas susa tol . tkpenah2 dpat seat blkg, tpkse gak dduk blkg kli ni . adehh . *da la pendek, dduk blkg . ape nmpk ? aishh, masalah, masalah . :P dduk ngn amnan and ttbe adela mamat neh, chinesse look-like, and agak chubby pepandang . dh mule aa en, pesal pepandang lak ? rupenye, amsyarrr .. haha , budak yg tk abes2 ajak tusyen same . aishh . tp tula, after met the real of me, die tkjut . haha . otw nk trun tgge, met azim. then he showed me his new little cute sister . aina safiyya . omg, sumpah chumel ! gtawu kt die yg me and qyla g lwat his mum next thursday . i-allah . (: bile balik, amsyar texted me, " you agak lain. nampak chubby sket . " haaa, abes la ilman . so if nk tuka, tuka la awal2 . huhu . then ckp ngn amsyar , " kan btul i gemuk . tula, tk pecaye . :P " and he replied, " tk, you tk gemuk pun lah . cume laen je . " haha . thx amsyar . and that's the end of my 1st week at tuition centre . (:

the end , dee (:

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