Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the real of dee

okay . i start my writing with the title, 'the real of dee' . perhaps, all of you must think i will tell you about my secret rite ? hek . no lah . it just sumthg that happens IF you often and always be with me . BUT i bet, no one could ever realised it whenever it happens . serius doe, bestfren sndri pun ttaw . hek . if tawu pun, its just a coincidence . hee . *im not going to share my story during i had a fever for a week and it's still continuing :P

.if she has a prob, she'll try to solve it on that time . tk kesah la prob's add math ke, prob's ilman ke, janji settle . but, if tk jumpe gak jlan penyelesaian, she'll take a nag~ :D
.JARANG tpup eventho suda taken . mmg mlas SGTSGT nk tpup and si die memahaminye kenape .haha . (syg, shhh! dhiam2 saje )
.loves to make friends, hates to make enemies . but ppl often makes her as their enemies . emm , no cmmnt bout it . :/
.yes, she's CAKE-addict, not a CHOC-addict . gigi saket . haha
.tiade port lepak dahh . member baek suda tiade ); so jgn tny, mne slalu hang out . emm~
.quite hygienic person . suda tebiase ~
.for her,neither weekend nor school holidays is nuthg if there's no programme is scheduled .
so, stop asking her " dee, cane cuti ? best ?" bored.bored.bored.question. durh~ unless, she mentions bout her holidays anywhere (myspace,frenster, etc)
.easy listener to ppl's prob . espcially for those yg mau cite psal boyf or girls diorg . best ape , at least leh timbulkn rse hppy and at the same, she could dreaming bout her and her syg . wuuuu~ haha .
.tk minat tikam blkang.LELAKI KAWEN LEBIH.and.pmpuan tduh ssuke ati.
.easily gives forgiveness to others . btul, eventho bende tu slah, tp maafkn jela kan ? but, makan dlam tu,lme sket nk smbuh . huhu
.suda tk suke lepak MAMAK. back to oldiest~
.when she says 'iloveyou', it means she loves the person who she said was and she means it .
.rarely sleep early and wake lately . :P * ckap lbih.
.last but not least..will be updated later . haha .

Edward Anthany Cullen

*i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him . my ONLY vampire (:

till then, tikitada~


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