Saturday, April 4, 2009

SMK19's International Understanding Day

IU Day for SMK19 has been held on today, 4th April at school it owns . best ? err, kinda . :P okay, let me start the writing from early morning . actually, i woke up late . ilman lewat kjutkn . c(: then, bile tgk jam, alaa, mlas la nk g memane . *at the first place lah . then, my bro kate nk pegi IU day lak cz he had to perform in the ceremony . so, alang2 die pegi, pe slahnye join skali . lgpun this year tkde hlgan sgt,bukan mcm past years . buat dekat other school la, kena bayar la, etc . so this year, eventho the bored part is only we had to wear school's sportswear . tu jela . tuptup, si menachi dina neh nk gdik ekut . aishh, gasak kau lah . plus, bole jd teman nti . so, jalan dah~

smpai di sekola, org dh mule rmai ( in other word, org rmai. haha ). foodstalls are many, but nuthg could make me feel wanna eat . so, i just bought 3pieces of currypuff . then, i met with my bro . yeah, die belanje ! haha . thx bro . :D after that, the performances were started and i sat at front of the stage, withou noticing how hot the weather was . *balek rumah tbongkang . haha . here, check out afew performances that i guess, not to bad and quite interesting .

radio rosak game :D.congrats korg menang .

choral speaking . yeah, korg the best ! 1st place in zone . cool !

dikir barat . wahh, kelantan mari ! :D bestbest

syahmi n lil hotttt ! decode best. yeah !

bestbest . even tk fham satu bende pun lagu korg . haha . dun offence guys !

kimie's and gangs . r&b and pop songs . vapak hot siot !

B-boys . market tggi this year ! haha . gd job guys
the end, dee

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