Sunday, June 7, 2009

a minute before..

before i start over my writing, i would like to give my 'Biggest Appreciation' to Kartika and Wafa for following my blog . rajen ohh . thanks syg <3> okay, now baru bole start . hee .

todayy, my family and i are going to Agrotech Resort, Hulu Langat . aunts and uncles, also my superb grandparents also will be there . we will have a camping ( idk, sumthg like that la :P )
for 2days . hahaa, cite nak lebat je wehh, pegi 2ari je . :DD ahh, kesah ape aku en ? aku punye suke la, kau kesah apedehal ? :/ so, saje post ni bukannye ade pape pun, saje menggelabah di sini . tak nak bace, tak suke bace, pening nak bace, TAYAH BACE . next post, will be posted after i return back from the camp . (: till then, tikitada ~
ps ; iloveyou <3>

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