Monday, July 27, 2009



-Who are you liking?
Name sape Hariz bin Mohd Hairuddin, ha dia lahh
-Who are your best friends?
Myra comel, Qyla lala, Zaa Hott, Ayesha Kakak, Nidaa cute, Tika model, Adnin Paradox, Nukman, Saffy and Inaa (:
-Who makes you happy?
fam[ily], fellas and my Hero
-Who is your favourite family member on your moms side?
all of them (esp. my auntss )
-Who is your favourite family member on your father side?
if i say, TAKDE ? haha, sume biase2 je
-Who are you closest to?
Siblings and Hero <3
-Who do you tell your secrets to?
POCU ! hahah, citela pape, dia takkan bocor punyeee :D


-What's your full name?
Durra Shahirah bt Mohd Azman
-What's your birthdate?
23rd May 1993
-What's your favourite colour?
Purple, BLUE, orange
-What's your favourite sport?
Berkejaran dengan pocu and ensem
-What's your favourite number?
-What do you do in your spare time?
DATING . kan hubby ? haha
-What are your pets name?
ohh ohh, Pocu and Ensem (:
-What are your favourite song?
Your call (2ndhand serenade), Last Night(p.diddy ft keyshia cole), Kiss me through the phone
-What's your favourite T.V. show?
Awani global . haha . No lah, Prison Break all seasons, House, THE BIGGEST LOSER, Ghost Haunters
-What's your favourite movie?
ask him, tau ke takk. hahaha . *kena balik :P*
-What vehicle do your parents drive?
Macam2 . especially my dad . Haha


-When did/will you graduate?
-When do you want to get married?
Depends on Hero :P
-When are you happy?
Now . :D everytime i contact/meet/see Hero (:
-When did you cry last?
Yesterdayyyy );
-When are you moving next?
Big possibilty, the end of this year
-When did you last get a text?
Haven't check my phone yet
-When are you going to bed?
Usually 1am
-When is the last time you took a vitamin?
Last 2months, HAHA


-Why do you think you were born?
Tah, tak penah amek kesah pun . Chromosomes XX terhasil, sebab tula kott
-Why is Britney Spears so messed up?
Sape dia ni ?
-Why are you stressed?
-Why do clown scare people?
Pakai tepung kat muka macam pontianak
-Why are you bored?
Because this EST's stuff gila messy, tak paham langsung nak buat camne
-Why are you taking this survey?
Dah kena 'kiss', so buat jela . Hahah

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