Sunday, August 16, 2009

First time

Date : 16th August 2009, 12.30am

First time..Of course we had get through things, start from the first time . First time fell in love, first time got A in exam or test, first time received a birthday present and many more . Can you describe the feelings ? Amazing rite ? Haha . Come here, I have lots of stories to be shared with you guys .

My first time breathing in this world ;
It was happened in year 1993, whereby somewhere at Pusat Rawatan Islam, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, a 3.6kg baby with female sex was born . The tears could be heard at 5.43pm on that 23rd May . Finally, Mr. Mohd Azman has got his first child and the name has been given by him is Durra Shahirah which means "Permata yang bersinar" (yeke ? Haha). And im proud with my own name fellas, really do .

My first time having a friend ;
He's my first bestfriend, since the age of 3years old . He is Amirul Muslim b Edi Amir Faisal . Perhaps because befriend with him, I got influenced by him . ALOT . Haha . That's why Im not too girlie as you guys known . Sorry Hero for getting someone who lack of girl's sense . Hahaha . Be friend with him, has totally makes my world bright . Yeah, got someone to talk with, such a pleasant feelings . But i never get into him, seriously . Because i just don't want to lose someone in improper ways . You know what i mean .

My first time getting an education ;
Kindergarden world ! Haha . Yess, i met lots of new friends here . Wee . My first kindergarden is Tadika Manjaku at Sec20 (now it has moved at Sec19, beside Goreng Pisang Azmi tu) . Then, when I was 6years old, I studied at Tadika Cahayaku, look alike bungalow in Sec 18 . There, I had to speak English because most of my friends and teachers are non-malay so it was kinda difficult for me to speak in Malay, afraid if they couldn't understood it . But yeah, rojak rojak ones la . Haha . Bantai jela, kesah ape en ? :D Im proud to be a Malay !

My first time meets my partner ;
Bila eh , tak ingat . Haha . That time, i was in Standard 3 . WOOOO, be shocked with it, thank you . Hhaha . But then, on that time, we couldn't contact frequently because yeah, takde henpon, email sume . Quite difficult la, but don't be shocked if i tell you that our relationship had stand for almost 4 years . Hahah . That time pun, panggil 'aku kau' sume, mane ade syg syg sume . Nak cakap pun segan masing masing . Haha . Even bagi hadiah 'Made In China' punye, but tetap meaningful and touchable . Tau tau . Hee . Yeah, first experience . But then, it doesn't means that he's my true love . Im still hoping that the person I'm with now, is my true love . We'll see . Just wait (:

My first time getting results for a big examination ;
For sure, it was UPSR . Thankful, i got 5A's . The feelings, goshh, i can't tell you . Its totally ruined my days while counting till the result day . Tak tido,tak makan sume, ask my mum if you don't believe it . Termenung setiap mase, sentiase . Macam putus cinta . Haha . Takut en, all my family members hope for me to get a great results . And finally, I got it and it totally makes my world bright again, shinning without no rain . Phewww ~ Lena dah tido balik . Hek .

My first time doing things that humiliates me ;
Haha . Banyak kot . Tak ingat la . But let me tell you the most things that totally humiliates me . Haha . As i could remember la, it happened on 2006 . On my uncle's wedding . Not-so-close uncle la . That time, i came over to Kota Tinggi, Johor as groom's family . Brought over a cake as 'hantaran', i walked slowly and entered the house . But before i enter the house, i was trying to get off my shoes using my left hand while holding the cakes on my right hand . Because i haven't learn about stablizing, i lost my body balance . And suddenly the cake had fell down on the floor . hahahah . Thanks to God because it was a marble cake, without cream . So, i picked up the cake quickly and pretend nuthg had happened . Tadaaa~ Hhaa . Now my uncle already has 3children so takperlu la cerita kat dia yea ? Thanks for your cooperation . :D

My first time having a bad time ;
Of course losing of someone . I lost my grandpa- my dad's side on 1999, when i was in 6years old . It really makes me sad because there was a day where he gave me rm10 and that day was 2weeks before he died . He gave me without any concrete reason and told me to spend it wisely . Yes, i felt damn happy because c'mon, no one wants to give a 6years old kid rm10 rite ? Susah teramat . When i got it, i spent it by treating my friends at nursery . Huhu, boros sejak kecik dah~ :P And now, i regret it because im supposed to keep the money in the bank . Hurmm . Btw, may Allah bless his soul . Al fatihah .

The end, (:
-durra shahirah

"Im gonna make you feel like you are heaven on earth
Im gonna say to your mother just for giving you birth
Im gonna wanna hold you in my arms when you cry
If thats okay with you (;"
-to Hero . hee

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