Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love letter

Dear Muhd Harith,

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU . I love how you tell me I’m beautiful . I love how you say we are perfect for each other . I love when you feel jealous . I love how you make me happy . I love how you say sweet things to me . I love how I only think about you . I love when you distract me while doing my work . I love how you greet me everyday . I love the way you say ' I Love You' because it's so you . I love when you sing me a song eventhough you lose the right key . I love how we talk about being together forever . I love how you look into my eyes . I love when you don't bother about my gained weight . I love when we are talking for hours about nothing . I love how you smile when I see you . I love how you tickle me . I love when you hold my hands, fill the gaps between my fingers . I love how you wake up for me . I love how you touch my nose with your finger . I love how I can see myself with you forever . I love you because you understand me . I love how i get nervous when I see you . I love how you tease me with your jokes . I love the sense of security that you had whenever Im with you . I love how you stop everything for me . I love how you look at me funny when I say something stupid . From the bottom of my heart, I wish and hope, you will always be right here for me, on my ease and hard time, when I laugh and cry, and when I need you the most . The love for you is pure and delight, because you aren't like anyone else and at this moment, I doubt that I still can put a smile about my life when Im with the other guy than you . THANKS FOR EVERYTHING (:

Lots of love ,

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  1. the best love letter ever!:))zoomaigod! how was lucky this guy..saya jealous!fullstop:)