Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bachelorette moments

Walla !

(But Im not gonna attend any bachelorette party okay? )

Ok, enough with intro, let's get it start .

To-do list before I end my single life :

(According to my plan, everything needs to be done five months before I get married)

1. Going to New York

Yes, I wanna spend a week there with my girlfriends . The reasons why I choose New York are first and foremost, New York is known as one of the busiest city in the world, so, I won't add it in my honeymoon trip's list . So not romantic yknw , :P Second reason which is the last reason (because I don't have any much ideas to write about) is New York is a fashion city . So, Im gonna shove all those new clothes, getting my sexy lingerie *woot woot* haha, and of course, buying some decoration items for my new house . Since I often encounter difficulty in making choices , so bringing my girlfriends along would be helpful . So, is there any of my girlfriends who would like to join me ? :D

2. Buying a car

For sure , I need to have a car , at least , it would be easy once I get married and transportation wouldn't be a problem to us, me and husband of course . I don't mind what type of car , as long it is a car . Haha . Ok, I lie , I do mind okay ? I've been thinking of getting Honda Jazz as my first car but still, Nissan Fairlady is still in my list . Woot woot .

3. Doing some charity

Im not gonna give any details about this as it is a good deed and I think it won't be nice if I tell to everyone .

4. Rewarding my loved ones with presents

My loved ones here means my family . I've been thinking of giving them any trip package to anywhere and letting them to have fun as they have helped me in assuring my wedding plan flows smoothly . Plus, I'll no longer be at home as frequent as I had before . I'll be having a new family, my own family yet it doesn't mean I'll be forgetting them . My love towards them will never fade , forever and always .

5. Of course, planning my wedding

Ohh, this..hasn't been thinking yet . Haha . Well, I need to consider the groom-to-be options too . So, this matter will be discussed later . :PAnyway, I don't put any target on what age I'll be ended my single life . Plus, Im not even sure whether I'll be getting married or not . LOL . Berserah kepada takdir ok ? (: But sincerely, I won't hide my marriage from you guys, my dearest friends .

Ps : Tipu je bila kata nak nikah dekat Italy lepastu yang datang nikah cuma family members while the rest stay in Malaysia, watching the ceremony via webcam :P hehe .

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