Saturday, March 21, 2015

My beauty regime

As you all know, im turning 22 this year and it means, i have lived for 22 years old! At this pre-adult stage (im not considering this 22 as adult age, lol) , it is really vital for me to look fresh and be healthy at the same time. Lepas guna produk-produk ni, nak kata cantik tu takdelah, cuma hasilnya memberangsangkan. Kalau setakat nak naikkan harga hantaran, boleh kot. Hahaha

1. Food for face

Green Tea cleanser by The FaceShop. Guna pun atas recommendation. Awal Mac haritu baru start guna, so far alhamdullilah. Not really an extreme change, only no more breakouts and skin has softened. 

Pore Minimizer by The FaceShop as well. It functions in minimizing enlarged pores and blocked pores with black & white heads. I have quite visible pores under my eyes' spots so I give it a try on this and maybe with a prolonged usage should give a difference, but for a less-than-month user, it helps in clearing pores from dirt and blocked impurities. It smells nice too. Hehe

Facial masks by Watsons. Actually, wearing a facial mask is a must. At least for three times in a week. I usually go for masks with bird nest, aloe vera, sometimes ginseng essence. But these are acceptable. The reason why it is good to wear them because the masks help to give you a relentless rest, other than smoothing the skin. I wear these more often on examination nights! Lol

2. For the hair

Syampu Anti Kelemumur by Safi Shayla. I had tried several shampoo products before ; L'oreal, Schwarkopf, Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulder, Herbal Essence, and the latest one was Clear for women. Not that none of them didn't work but i love to do experiments on my hair since my hair is fine, no dandruff no frizzy no dried scalp, so there is no problem on me putting them as trials. I choose this one this time because it has this cool effect from menthol and I really need anything cool for my head during this equinox time. 

Baby Bedtime Oil with Natural Calm Essence by Johnson's. Ok, yang ni i use it to oil the tip of my hair because i don't want it to look dry. I used to try on Eclispe and any other hair serum but either those not giving any good effect or they are too expensive hahaha. I love this scent, very calmly!

3. It's skin, people!

Total Moisture lotion by Vaseline. This is the fourth lotion in Vaseline's lotions range that I decide to give it a try. Perhaps next time I'll go for St. Ives or Nivea. Nevertheless, any lotion would do since my skin is normal too, by means, i have no skin allergic so i guess any product should go fine. I like Vaseline products because they are very skin-friendly and good-scented. I could smell my own hands to sleep kot, haha so wangi. 

Go Fresh deodorant by Dove. This is also not my second time using Dove products as my deodorant choice but this one, right here is probably the best choice! You see, I don't frequently perspire (something is wrong with my sweat glands, really). Unless it is on a very very very hot sunny day. Either way, this deodorant helps to keep my lower pit fresh and the scent is still there! Im very impressed as I've tried several products such as Rexona, Enchanteur and Nivea, and I could say, my used-to-be favorite Romance by Enchanteur could go second place after this one ;)

Vaseline gel. Rasanya semua orang tahu apa benda ni haha. I apply it on my feet and ankles to maintain the skin moisture sbb takkan la nak apply lotion kat kaki pulak. So far alhamduillah, kaki tak merekah dan kering macam sebelum ni and I will surely continue to use this product. Cewah.

4. Cosmetic??

Silkygirl Magic BB cream and compact powder. Okay, the truth has been revealed. Haha. I actually use cosmetic product but not all type of it. I only use these two on my daily basis, no lipstick, mascara, blusher, extension eyelids (?), etc. I like using these two because they give me a natural look and do not make my face looks cakey or too powdered. As minimal as possible. The BB cream could last for hours and doesn't cause my face oily. 

5. Inner health

I do consume supplements such as EPO and vitamin A. I also drink Anlene for my calcium intake. 

It is not easy to be a (soon) grown up woman. But a few little steps would help. I wish you a healthy life and a beautiful look in-and-out. :)

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