Sunday, January 26, 2014

The pain,the heartbreak

Do you know how it feels when you are breaking up with someone you've known for quite some time? This is how it feels ;

1) You are waiting in disappointment,waiting for nothing,neither a good morning text nor a good night wish comes in your inbox,

2) Walking in the mall,partner-less. Like a lone ranger,

3) When some places you pass by and they remind you of your past,

4) That first person who wishes you 'Happy Birthday' ,

5) You aren't you. You're lost in what seems like a blackhole,

6) There's a part in you that has teared apart,shredded into pieces,

7) Miracle is what you always hope for,even though you have zero chance,

8) Your mind and your heart aren't longer synchronizing,

9) Everything that you touch,you smell,even you see,brings you to old memories,

10) And you finally realize that someone has changed you.

It hurts. Nothing is happy about breaking up. If you are in this,you aren't alone.

To be continued ; Break-up relationship

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